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78Swim: Your Go-To for Travel Bottles

Explore our range of versatile travel water bottles designed for your comfort and convenience.

Portable and Durable Travel Essential

Our travel water bottle is designed with portability and durability in mind. The water bottles are not only hygienic but can also double as a travel bidet, making them a versatile choice for any trip. It easily fits into any travel accessory – collapsing and expanding as needed. Usage Instructions: Open spout, pull open bottle from spout, fill bottle, squeeze water. When done, empty bottle, keep spout open, collapse and close spout.

Hygienic and Convenient

Whether you’re on a religious pilgrimage or a vacation, our product ensure you stay comfortable and clean. The travel bottles offer a hygienic solution for staying clean. We have worked with a plastic manufacturer to create the durable and flexible product in plenty supply. Durable, Food-safe, Eco-friendly, reusable with 550ml capacity, our bottle is compact and easy-to-use.