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78Swim: Your Go-To for Collapsible Bottles

Our bottles are convenient and easy-to-store on the go. Every Muslim household knows the struggle of using a public washroom doing daily activities like going to work/school or even just grocery shopping when traveling. This can also be used as an eco-friendly water saving way to do wudhoo/ablution.

Our Story

78Swim was founded in 2010 with a mission to meet the needs of those embarking on religious pilgrimage or vacations with products designed to offer both style and practicality. We’ve evolved from offering modest swimwear (“burkinis”) to focusing on our custom-designed and versatile travel bottles.

Our collapsible travel bottle is now an essential item for Muslims on-the-go! We’ve taken the initiative to update the design and make it more user-friendly. We’ve worked with a plastic manufacturer to create a durable and flexible product that is multi-purpose. It has been tested by the FDA and passed all safety and quality requirements. We made this travel bottle small and portable, so that it can fit anywhere: your purse, your bag, the cup holder in the car, or any travel accessory.

Get your travel bottle today! (And we’re confident that once you’ve tried it, you’ll also tell your friends and family).

We are committed to delivering products that meet the unique needs of our customers, combining travel, comfort, and functionality.